about my own secrets

the artist

Born in 1971 Volker Schoemig discovered in his youth his abilities in arts and music and started playing in several bands such as »Blacktern«, »Condition:Void« and »Spiral Nebula«.

During the band-years of Spiral Nebula he was singing and also playing the synths. The style of music the band played was kind of dark melodic prog rock.


I was influenced by the all time rock heroes such as Pink Floyd, Saga, Marillion or Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and Ayreon just to name a few. Also artists like Peter Gabriel, Sting or Alan Parsons had influence on my way of making music.

My favourites were dense, mystic sounding string-pads, and swirling, wha-wha-distorted lead sounds - which always made the rest of the band ask me »hey, would you mind stop playing solo half of that goddamn song?!« (grin)

After the band split up in 2000 and only Jan (the drummer) and Volker were left, both decided to continue on a project related basis. They realized that they were still in need of some heavy guitar-sounds, so Volker bought a guitar and a Marshall amp in winter 2001 and started learning and playing the guitar by himself. Soon after that he also worked out how to play the bass guitar.

The sporadic art exhibitions of his and his girlfriend's paintings gave the opportunity to accompany the opening events with an acoustic set up of the »Spiral Nebula« project's music.


These events were a great chance of making music and having a certain goal or a deadline to rehearse for. And the combination not only to show our paintings and pictures but to provide a specially composed music and event for the visitors and the audience also was a unique experience.«

Unfortunately for lack of time this project related working came to an end at the beginning of 2005.

At that point Volker decided to keep on making music on his own, playing and recording all the instruments by himself.


Though it seems to be kind of a strange way doing all by myself it is an amazing way of making music, because I can do what I want to do whenever I want to do it. And experiencing how some chords, some bits and pieces suddenly create a synergy and get into motion... that is really a fascinating process!«

His job at the Musikhaus Thomann facilitated him to built up a small but mighty project studio at home which he uses for recording ever since then. So he spend a couple of years with creating and recording his first solo album »Connection Terminated« in his »Token Studios«.

recent years

From 2013 he toured Germany, Austria and the Netherlands for a few years as guitarist and background singer with the folk rock band »Faey«. Already at the end of 2014 the band was awarded the »Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis« as best folk rock band.

Since 2016 he has regularly supported the »Capella Antiqua Bambergensis« as keyboarder in their concert series »1000 Years Blue Notes - from the Middle Ages to Blues & Jazz«.

Starting in 2018 he reworked the album »Faces« for one and a half years together with the progressive rock band »Theory of Elements« and composed and recorded completely new keyboard parts for their album.

Currently he is working in his studio again on new material for the second album of MYownSECRETS. The first output of the upcoming album is the single »Have You Ever Seen the Stars?«, released in March 2021.

token studios

Token Studios were established in 2005. In fact it is just a single room that houses all the instruments and equipment neccessary for creating and recording the music of MYownSECRETS.


It is amazing to see how some 13 sqare meters can accommodate tons of equipment, i.e. synthesizers, guitars, amps and all the analogue outboard needed for studio recordings...«

The studio utilises some fine outboard devices such as Universal Audio and Trident preamps, SSL and FMR Audio compressors, t.c. electronic, RME, SSL, AMS Neve, Yamaha, Mackie and KRK studio equipment, BluGuitar, Vox and Marshall amps, PRS, Gibson, Fender, Xotic and Godin guitars, Sire basses, Korg, Kurzweil, Clavia and Roland synthesizers, Neumann, Brauner and Rode microphones ...

The only instrument that is not being recorded - due to the fact that the studio is too small eventually - are the drums. For creating a formidable and realistic drum sound XLN Audio's »Addictive Drums« are used.


Addictive Drums are just fantastic! Thanks to the team of XLN Audio for providing the best drums available.«

The whole album »Connection Terminated« was recorded, produced and mixed at Token Studios. For Volker Token Studios is a place of inspiration and creation and finally the home of MYownSECRETS.